I took the challenge – Enes

I took the challenge – Enes

I did it….

I took the challenge, and it looks like it is paying off.

Already early in my high school years I became interested in corporate business, and in the commercial field, hence my first study for Branche Manager International Wholesaling Operation. During my studies, in January 2012,  I got an internship at TriStar Industries , a family-based manufacturer of cleaning products, that just moved from Breda to Roosendaal.

I ended up in the commercial office staff, the voice and the face of TriStar, and I quickly learned to interact with our customers, to work with the TriStar ordering system, and to support the colleagues from our Sales Department. I finished my studies and almost immediately continued with a higher education course in Management Economics and Law.

Thus armed with a lot of theoretical knowledge I returned to TriStar, to put it into practice, at first again in the commercial office staff, and this time with the unwavering goal to get my career off the ground. In 2017 I made my first step, and joined the ranks of our sales representatives as a junior. I can tell you that a world of possibilities opened up for me. I started learning about the ins and outs of our products, our market and sales- and account plans. I felt and still feel like a fish in the water. So when recently I got the chance to move towards the position of senior sales rep I literally jumped at the opportunity. I am involved in foreign projects and I am looking forward to meeting new customers, especially in the industry and facilities.

TriStar is a challenging, vibrating and social environment, that requires your complete commitment and involvement, and at the same time provides you with unbounded opportunities for learning and development. I am glad and proud to be able to contribute to the success of this company by always trying to be one step ahead of my customers wishes, and by not only meeting those wishes, but by exceeding them.

So I took the challenge, and I feel I am well on my way!

Sani Special P

Regular cleaning products are not always environmentally friendly and user-friendly. Fortunately, a new generation of detergents is emerging in the form of probiotic products.

Probiotics consist of a sophisticated mix of safe and readily degradable surfactants in combination with benign biological components: bacterial spores. Influenced by water, these spores become active and produce enzymes that break down contaminants such as proteins, fats and carbohydrates easily – and with a long-term result – breaking down.

In this context, as TriStar Industries Group we proudly introduce our Sani Special P. This product is one of our sustainable probiotic cleaning products. The product ensures a direct, long-lasting and shiny result when cleaning sanitary rooms, and also prevents limescale.

In addition to pollution, the enzymes also absorb unpleasant odors, so that the sanitary areas are not only clean, but also smell particularly fresh. Sani Special P is therefore also the solution against unwanted odors.

And last but not least, Sani Special P is environmentally friendly, very safe to use and has no hazard symbols.

By using probiotics in this way we can clean in a sustainable and safe way, with a long-lasting clean and fresh effect.

TriStar comes with a revolutionary concept; open cost price calculation

TriStar comes with a revolutionary concept; open cost price calculation


Recently, TriStar Industries in Roosendaal and PPG Amsterdam have completed the first and most important phase of a special project. That is to say, the project itself was perhaps not all that spectacular, although interesting enough: the development of a new cleaning product for the bucket cleaner (kuipenreiniger), and the realization of a cost saving of 30% in relation to the current situation.

The special thing was in the approach of both parties: TriStar has developed a recipe for PPG, and presented an open cost price calculation. That may be called unique in this market.

Let’s go back to the beginning for a bit.

PPG develops, manufactures and markets paints and coatings worldwide in 70 countries, among brands known to all, such as Sigma Coatings for the professional and the Do It Yourself brands Histor and Rambo.

In Amsterdam, two different architectural coatings are being developed and produced: one based on the Alkyd solvent and one on water.

Production takes place largely in large stirring tanks, from 5000 to 10000 liters. But because smaller quantities are also produced, PPG also uses smaller containers, the so-called TCs (Transportable Containers).

The Technical Service of PPG Amsterdam is engaged in the maintenance, repair and cleaning of all machines and installations on the site. So also with the cleaning of the TCs. Joop van Golstein, who is in charge of this project on behalf of PPG, can tell about this during a guided tour.

“The contaminated TCs are cleaned in a large bucket cleaner. The TC is placed on a turntable, secured, and tipped forward in the machine, after which nozzles under high pressure spray a cleaning product into the TC, which circulates for 15 minutes. After the drying process, all coating from the TC disappears and you see blank steel again. Sparkling clean.

Of course we already had a cleaning agent for use in the bucket cleaner. We have already successfully purchased other TriStar products. So when we started designing a project to achieve at least 30% cost savings, TriStar came into the picture. Within PPG we set two hard targets: a product that cleans at least as well and is no more harmful to the environment than the current product, and 30% cost reduction”.

With this message, Paul van den Berg, director of TriStar Industries, started working.

“We have developed and tested a custom cleaning product, and thus amply fulfilled the requirements. So far it still sounds pretty standard, but our joint approach was absolutely lucrative, innovative and non-conventional, and added a dimension to the success of this project.

Naturally, such a (consultation) process of a number of months requires a relationship of trust between producer / supplier and customer, and of course a number of legal basic issues are dealt with, which have now been covered without much effort.”

Joop is enthusiastic about the final outcome of their efforts.

“The advantage for PPG is of course that we have been able to implement cost savings, that we have a product that works well, and that it has been calculated on the basis of an open cost price”.

Paul fully shares this opinion:
“For TriStar the advantage is that from the start we could be clear about our calculation and about the margin we wanted to realize. In addition, our challenge is that we stay sharp in our costs, quality and service. We like to take up that glove.

We are already busy looking at the extent to which the product can be regenerated. Tests have already shown that we can still assume a 50% return. In addition, of course, the total regeneration process (collection of contaminated detergent, distillation, disposal of stubborn waste and return of the regenerated product) must be cheaper than supplying new product. We are working hard on that. In addition, we want to further develop the product to make it even more effective, safer and more environmentally friendly.”

In short, there is still enough challenge. A very important learning point for both Joop and Paul is that this approach proves that you can achieve perfect results with openness and mutual trust. “Together you always go further”.


In a lot of supermarkets and catering establishments you will see devices that produce fresh orange juice. However, the shells are unnecessary.

PeelPioneers extracts the components present from the peels that can be used as raw materials for making new products.

TriStar uses the substance D-Limonene obtained from orange peels as raw material in a large proportion of its cleaning products.

That’s how we go from Peel to Clean!

We invite you to contact us via sales@tristargroup.eu for more information.



It is a widespread idea that washing hands with hot water has much more effect than washing with cold water.

However, a study by Rutger University in the US shows that when washing hands with soap and water at 15 ° C, as many bacteria are killed as when washing with soap and water from 38 ° C or warmer.
Hand hygiene is essential to prevent the transfer of bacteria through the hands. Washing with warm water is more comfortable, so people are probably more prepared to wash their hands. But hot water is therefore not necessary. Sometimes there is no water and soap available. The research also shows that in that case hand disinfectants based on alcohol work equally effectively against microbial contamination such as water and soap.
The mechanical friction, so rubbing hands well during cleaning, may well be the most important factor in hand hygiene.
The hand washing and disinfection agents from TriStar fit well with these observations. TriStar has a range of skin-friendly hand soaps that are free of Triclosan and parabens. TriStar also has a number of effective hand sanitizers, both liquid and gel-based.
For more information or advice on this subject, we are at your disposal.



On 20 October 2017, Michael Hellendoorn, a young Roosendaal entrepreneur, is organizing the Flair Business Borrel at Metsj Point in Roosendaal.

During this meeting, a number of interesting speakers will speak, there will be a fair and then a networking drink with live artists. A perfect combination in short, of business and lounging, so “Where Business Meets Pleasure”. Since TriStar fully agrees with this concept, we are happy to sponsor this meeting, which means that we have the opportunity to put our logo and company name “in the spotlight” extensively and in different places.



Foundation Children participate, Taxi company de Groen and TriStar Industries provide children from minima families with a fun afternoon.

After Waterpark Splash in Hellevoetsluis was destroyed by a big storm on 6 June, a sponsor action was started to ensure that the park could open again.
TriStar Industries was one of the sponsors; this because it would be a shame that such a park, where an entrepreneur put all his energy into and where many children have a very nice day, should stop.

A successful action, because the park could indeed be rebuilt. As a thank you for our contribution we received a number of entrance tickets.
TriStar, in cooperation with Gerard Schoenmaker of the Roosendaal Foundation Children, has done well. This Foundation is committed to the social participation of children from low-income families in Roosendaal. TriStar has donated the entrance tickets for Waterpark Splash to this Foundation.

AWhen TriStar director Paul van den Berg shared this with his good relationship Jos de Groen of Taxibedrijf de Groen in Roosendaal, he immediately and spontaneously gave his cooperation in the form of free transport. And so, on Thursday, August 17, a bus full of expectant children left for a fun and wet afternoon to Hellevoetsluis.
A drink in the bus and a fries afterwards made the party complete.

ABy joining forces of the Children Foundation, Taxi Company de Groen and Tristar Industries have had the children a great afternoon, and that’s what it’s all about.
If you or your company wants to contribute something to the Stichting Kinderen doen mee, you can do so via a donation on bank account number NL50RABO0135434920 , or via contact with Gerard Schoenmaker.