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  1. Personal advice
We have a wide range of cleaning products. However, sometimes a basic solution will not be enough. Our expert account managers will be on hand to offer advice and support and will gladly visit your company to assess your specific situation, to be able to provide you with a tailor-made cleaning advice.

  1. Cleaning as an integral part of your processes
TriStar considers cleaning as a vital part of your company processes. We believe in cooperation and in providing technical support to effortlessly integrate the chosen cleaning concept in your business processes.

  1. Always trying to find the safest option
TriStar’s main priority is the safety of its customers, their environment and machinery. We ensure this by working within the boundaries of the corresponding laws and regulations and providing the right safety information. Our R&D team are continuously working on ways of producing the safest possible products.

  1. Customised development
If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for across our extensive range of products, please let us know and we will be happy to work with you to understand your requirements and develop custom-made products to resolve your cleaning problems.

  1. Using circular raw materials and packaging wherever possible
In the context of “No such thing as waste” we pay a great deal of effort into finding circular raw materials and packaging. One of our priorities is protecting the environment, and we are working towards maximum reuse of products in our chemicals and raw materials.

  1. Quality
The consistent quality of our finished product is the result of the quality of our robust processes and QC checks: our performance is based on a controlled, customer-oriented and certified process. Our primary objective always remains the delivery of a good, reliable and safe cleaning product.

  1. Flexibility
We understand that your business doesn’t stop at 5 PM, and we know that problems can happen outside of core hours. Our Quick Response Team makes sure that TriStar is also on stand-by for you out-of-hours and weekends.

  1. Personal and customer-friendly service
The colleagues of our Sales Support Department will gladly help you with your orders, questions and additional information. You will also have access to an Account Manager who understands your business and specific requirements in more detail and who will be on hand to offer support and advice when needed. Service with a smile.

  1. Your own brand label
Our Desk Top Publishing Department can personalise and white label your products using your branding/logo’s to produce a custom-made product in your unique packaging.

  1. Transparent and clear pricing
We pride ourselves on having no nasty surprises or hidden costs, just clear and simple pricing. We will provide you with an individual quotation to make sure you know exactly what you can expect from us.

In short, we are striving not just to meet our customer’s expectations, but to exceed them. Whether you need just a bit of advice, have a specific requirement or a technical question, we would love to have a chat and explore how we can help.