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Safety Cleaner RZO

Safety Cleaner RZO





A natural degreasing product based on a mixed blend of plant seeds. Suitable for removing various oils and fats. The product is exempted entirely from hazard symbol requirements. It dissolves mineral oils and fats and, over a sustained period, also dissolves heavy contaminants including tar and bitumen. Is mainly used in the metal and petrochemical industry for degreasing tools, metals and machine parts, ball bearings, chains and conveyor belts. The product evaporates slowly which always leaves a thin protective layer on the product, making it possible to store it in clean and conserved condition and/or to directly process it. It does not form an emulsion with water and will not adversely affect the oil/water separator or water purification. The product contains no aromatics and is odourless.



Fats, Oils, Of course.